White Truffle Extravaganza (Home Cookin’)

This Christmas, we received a truly amazing and incredibly thoughtful gift… our very own WHITE TRUFFLE! :)  How cool is that! We were so excited and quickly began researching tasty truffle recipes. Right away, it seemed pretty clear that the best dishes to make simple ones to ensure that the white truffle is the star. Our first course was linguine in a light cream sauce. We went a little light on the truffle shavings at first because we wanted to make sure we had enough for the rest of the meal. Next up was a simple scrambled egg dish with grated parmesan cheese mixed in. Eggs and white truffles are a perfect pairing! The last course was another pasta dish: linguine carbonara with grated parmesan. Each dish had increasingly generous portions of the white truffle, as you can see in the photos below. Our meal was paired with a beautiful Flowers Chardonnay — my favorite Chardonnay from my favorite winery. Not wanting to waste the leftover truffle scraps, I mixed them with softened unsalted butter and put it in the freezer to harden. After about an hour, we had a stick of truffle butter that was just waiting to be spread onto, well, just about anything! We are so grateful to our family member that gave us this amazing white truffle gift… it was truly one of the best presents ever!


The beautiful white truffle!


Course 1: Melting the butter and cream 


Course 1: Mixing the linguine with the cream sauce


Course 1: Linguine with light cream sauce and shaved white truffles


Course 2: Melting the butter and adding a few small shavings to the pan


Course 2: Mixing in freshly grated parmesan cheese


Course 2: Scrambled Eggs with shaved white truffles


Course 3: Frying up the pancetta in butter


Course 3: Linguine Carbonara with grated parmesan and shaved white truffles


Paired a bottle of Flowers Chardonnay with our meal


So much fun to eat… but so sad to see it go!


 Made truffle butter out of the leftover shavings

White Truffle Extravaganza (Home Cookin’)