Monday night at Dovetail features unique vegetable four course prix fixes for $46. You can choose between vegetarian or vegetable-focused menus (vegetable-focused is where the main ingredients are vegetables, but may also include meat or dairy). My meals are usually very meat-intensive, so I thought I would try something healthier. I chose the vegetable-focused menu, while a friend of mine went with the vegetarian one (but requested that it be made vegan). All of the dishes were flavorful, creative, and beautifully presented. (Although I must admit that I was still hungry after we were done and had to have a little after-dinner snack. :) )

Dovetail: 103 West 77th Street (at Columbus Avenue)


brussels sprout leaves with manchego cheese, mangalica ham, and pine nuts (vegetable focused)


cured carrots with scotch egg, chicken feed, and wild garlic (vegetable focused)


shiso tempura with honshimeji mushrooms, cranberry, and black garlic (vegetarian)


fennel bouillabaisse with eggplant, tofu, and saffron (vegetarian)