International Wings Factory

Popped into International Wings Factory and grabbed a bacon cheeseburger to go. It was fantastic! Got a great shot of this beautiful burger before scarfing it down on a bench near Central Park. Chef Deepak kindly let me sample one of his newest creations: a deep fried panko-crusted brownie. I loved the mix of sweet and savory. Thanks so much, Chef D!

International Wings Factory: 1762 First Avenue (between 91st and 92nd Street)


Bacon Cheeseburger 


New dessert in the works:  deep fried panko-crusted brownie

International Wings Factory

International Wings Factory

So glad that one of my very good friends introduced me to this awesome spot just a block away from her apartment: International Wings Factory! It’s a tiny space with a few tables and a simple, mouth-watering menu that includes chicken wings, burgers, sandwiches, and fries. They also offer a selection of thirteen unique dipping sauces that you can mix and match with anything that you order. I went for the boneless chicken wings with garlic parmesan beurre blanc (how can you go wrong with butter, garlic, and parmesan cheese?) and the mini Swedish meatballs with classic barbecue sauce. Both were delicious! We also shared french fries dusted with masala spices and sweet potato fries. Totally loved them. We had the great pleasure of meeting Deepak Ballaney, the executive chef and owner, who shared a sample of his new mac & cheese before it officially hits the menu. Looking forward to returning to IWF again soon!

International Wings Factory: 1762 First Avenue (between 91st and 92nd Street)


Boneless Chicken Wings with Garlic Parmesan Beurre Blanc


Mini Swedish Meatballs with Classic Barbecue Sauce


Sweet Potato Fries


French Fries with Masala Seasoning


Vegan Soy Nuggets


Tasty dipping sauces


New menu item in the works: Mac and Cheese


IWF’s dipping sauce selection

International Wings Factory

Ristorante Morini

Three of my favorite foodie friends and I ventured way uptown on a rainy Friday night to check out Chef Michael White’s newest NYC spot, Ristorante Morini.  We are all HUGE fans of Chef Michael and have been to all of his other restaurants here in the city. Needless to say, we were super pumped to chow down on some amazing Italian food. The night turned out to be an unforgettable experience from start to finish. There was an insane amount of food coming out of the kitchen and onto our table, we almost couldn’t keep up! (Keyword: ALMOST). The tuna and amberjack crudos were incredible and so were the five pastas that we all shared (tortelli, ferratini, garganelli, agnolotti, and paccheri). I ordered the agnolotti with beef shank as my appetizer (and made sure to specify that I wanted an entree-sized portion ;)) — I had heard and read so much about this dish, I just had to have it. It lived up to all of my expectations and more! Perfect beef-filled pillows of pasta goodness. I am also officially obsessed with the squid ink tortelli and ferratini carbonara. For my entree, I went with the beef short rib — at the recommendation of a kind and knowledgeable gentleman who gave us the lowdown on all of this dishes — and I am SO glad that I did! It was silky, fatty, and melt-in-your-mouth tender. Short ribs are the reason I wake up in the morning. (I’m not kidding.) After inhaling pretty much everything (man, do I love girls who can eat!), out came three beautiful desserts. My favorite was the pistachio stracciatella gelato — I”m crazy about pistachio anything. By the time we were completely finished and ready to roll ourselves out the door, the entire dining room was empty and it was after midnight. What a marvelous experience! I loved spending quality time with my friends who all appreciate good food as much as I do. Chef Michael White is our hero!

Ristorante Morini: 1167 Madison Avenue (at East 86th Street)


Royal Blush (stolichnaya vodka, lime, mint, morello cherry, prosecco)


TONNO (bigeye tuna, shaved radish, blood orange, bottarga di muggine, tonnato)


RICCIOLA (marinated amberjack, artichoke, sturgeon caviar, wild oregano)


AGNOLOTTI (beef shank parcels, celery root, brasato sugo)


TORTELLI (Maine lobster ravioli, seppia, crustacean brodetto)


FERRATINI (alla carbonara, guanciale, egg, pecorino, scallion)


BRASATO (red wine braised short rib, heirloom polenta, cavolo nero, hazelnut gremolata)


SORBETTI (grapefruit & prosecco, apple cider, pistachio stracciatella)


FIORENTINA (chocolate crema, chocolate biscotto, fior di latte gelato)


TORTA AL FORMAGGIO (cresenza cheesecake, pane di spezie, grapefruit prosecco sorbetto)


The upstairs dining room

Ristorante Morini