Executive Chef / Owner: Esther Choi
Cuisine: Korean Ramen
Vibe: Casual / Counter seating
Location: Chelsea Market, 75 Ninth Avenue (between West 15th and 16th Street)
Website: Mokbar

In the mood for something warm and cozy, so I stopped by Mokbar in Chelsea Market for some Korean ramen takeout. Since I gave up beef and pork for Lent, I decided to try the vegan miso ramen. It was so flavorful and satisfying! Perfect for this frigid weather. Totally loved it and would order it again. :)


Before adding the broth: Tofu, Triple Seasonal Vegetable, and Crispy Potato

Vegan Miso Ramen (Kombu Shiitake Doenjang Broth, Tofu, Triple Seasonal Vegetable, and Crispy Potato)



So excited to check out Mokbar in Chelsea Market with my foodie bestie, SaraDISH, and fellow food-lover, JeaniusNYC!  Mokbar (which means “eat bar” in Korean) is a ramen shop that puts a modern twist on traditional Korean dishes. Chef Esther Choi (the exec chef and owner) is known for her amazing kimchi. She makes so many different kinds in addition to the classic fermented cabbage version, using cucumbers, radishes, you name it! I have made a conscious effort to move out of my American / Italian / French food comfort zone and am so happy to be trying some of the best Korean food around. I’m still getting used to handling the heat, but luckily I was able to enjoy mostly everything here at Mokbar without setting my mouth on fire! 😉 We had the great pleasure of sampling lots of different dishes from dumplings to disco fries. One of the dishes that I will absolutely be back for: Ho Cakes. They are described on the menu as “crispy bun with heavenly pork belly filling”. The key word there is HEAVENLY — and I can confirm that they are a slice of heaven on a plate! A few other standouts were the disco fries (how can you go wrong with super crispy fries smothered in ramen gravy, melted mozzarella, and yummy kimchi?!), the Mokbar Classic Ramen (luscious pork broth, braised pork, triple seasonal vegetables), and Halmoni Dumplings (we had half pork and half veggie). I am now a big fan of Chef Esther’s kimchi — the cucumber version was my fave. An enormous thank you to Jean and Chef Esther for a truly delicious and satisfying meal! There are so many more dishes on the menu that I can’t wait to try, so I’ll definitely be back again soon! :)

 Mokbar (in Chelsea Market): 75 Ninth Avenue (between West 15th and 16th Street)


Welcome to Mokbar!


Absolutely loved this Seasonal Tea


Ho Cake (crispy bun with heavenly pork belly filling) 


Halmoni Dumplings (half pork, half veg)


Disco fries (ramen gravy, mozzarella, kimchi, nori)


Bulgogi Ramen with Marinated ribeye, Triple seasonal kimchi, Poached egg & Scallion at Mokbar 


Tteokboki (brown butter ricecakes, minced pork, crispy bacon, white kimchi, poached egg) 


The Mokbar Classic Ramen (Pork broth, Braised pork, triple seasonal vegetable)


Traditional Kimchi