The Butterfly

Chef Michael White has opened a new restaurant in Tribeca that deviates from his usual Italian fare. The Butterfly, described as a cocktail bar and supper club, is actually named after The Butterfly Club in Chef Michael’s hometown of Beloit, Wisconsin. It features creative cocktails by mixologist, Eben Freeman and classic American dishes like patty melts, BLTs, and fried chicken — with a twist, of course. I’m neither a vodka drinker nor a fan of cocktails, but I really enjoyed the Royal Blush — a delicious blend of Stoli, muddled cherries, lime juice, mint, and topped with prosecco. My friends and I are all big fans of Chef Michael and we wanted to try a bunch of different dishes. We ordered up a storm, including the fried cheese curds (how can you not love fried cheese?), biscuits & honey butter (I could eat this all night long), smoked whitefish mousse (one of our collective favorites), zucchini blini (I love every component of this dish), Butterfly patty melt (insanely good), and baked ricotta ravioli (Chef Michael’s pastas are always fantastic). Our meal ended on a high note with a creative dessert called Coppa Cola with Coca-Cola ice cream, caramel corn, and whiskey cream. Yum! Overall, I found the food at The Butterfly to be really comforting and delicious. I’ll be back for sure!

The Butterfly: 225 West Broadway (between White and Franklin)


Royal Blush cocktail: Stoli vodka, fresh lime juice, mint, muddled sugar cherries, and topped with prosecco


Fried Cheese Curds


Biscuits & Honey ButterĀ 


Smoked Whitefish Mousse with roasted garlic, pickled celery, fried capers, toasted baguette


Smoked Whitefish Mousse with roasted garlic, pickled celery, fried capers, toasted baguette


Zucchini Blini with creme fraiche, shallot, dill, trout roe


Butterfly Patty Melt (dry-aged beef patty, fried onions, Swiss & American cheese, caraway rye)


Coppa Cola (Coca-Cola ice cream, caramel popcorn, whiskey cream, amarena cherries)


The dining room


Love the cocktail menu!

The Butterfly