Betony [lunch]

So happy to be back at Betony! I was thrilled to see lots of new dishes on the menu and couldn’t wait to try as many as possible. Our amuse bouche was a green tomato gazpacho with pumpernickel — a creative and refreshing start to a delicious lunch. The first course included the pig’s head terrine with mustard and salsa verde (one word: awesome) and asparagus velouté with green garlic and pumpernickel (smooth and velvety with a hint of tanginess). My entree was exquisite: poached tilefish with saffron and fennel. The fish was incredibly moist and tender — it literally melted in my mouth — and the broth was heavenly. I think I need a gallon of that to go, please. Sadly, we had to cut our lunch short due to time restrictions, but I will definitely be back soon for dinner and some of Eamon Rockey’s famous milk punch!

Betony:  41 West 57th Street (between Fifth and Sixth Avenue) 


Green Tomato Gazpacho with pumpernickel 


Pig’s Head Terrine with mustard and salsa verde 


Asparagus Velouté with green garlic and pumpernickel 


Poached Golden Tilefish with saffron and fennel 

Betony [lunch]