Bourbon Steak (San Francisco, CA)

It’s almost time to leave San Francisco and I know just where I want my last meal to be: Bourbon Steak. It’s a Michael Mina double header (I was at RN74 yesterday and less than 24 hours later, I’m here at Bourbon Steak). He’s such a talented chef and I simply love his food. Funny enough, my fiance ate at BS last night with a colleague, and now he’s back again today with me. What can I say, we love beef that much. :)  I had taken a look at the menu a few weeks prior and saw two words that made me smile: RIB CAP. That’s my very favorite part of a rib eye. How awesome that Chef Mina picked out the best part and serves it as a stand-alone steak! Pure genius. I knew I had to have it.

Our meal began with three different kinds of french fries in place of the customary bread basket. Awesome. We enjoyed a couple of tasty apps: white shrimp (so good that we had to get two orders!) and fresh ricotta gnudi with wagyu meatballs. Then it was time for some serious beef action: the 8 ounce Snake River Farms Rib Cap and 6 glorious ounces of Kagoshima Rib Eye (which is 100% Japanese Wagyu). Oh my goodness. Imagine the most incredibly luscious marbleized fat that literally melts in your mouth as you chew it (think “meat butter”). Then multiple that by a hundred (or a million). That’s what eating the Kagoshima rib eye was like! (It was actually so insanely fatty that I wish I had some white rice to cut the richness just a bit. But believe me, I made do without it.) The Snake River Farms rib cap steak was not nearly as fatty as the wagyu, but equally as beautiful and scrumptious. This restaurant serves some of the most outstanding meat I have ever had the privilege of ingesting! At some point, I think I started breaking out in meat sweats (totally worth it). We wrapped up our dinner with a few perfect petits fours: chocolate bourbon caramels and peanut butter & jelly macarons. Huge thanks to our fantastic server, Don, and of course, Chef Michael Mina, for such a magnificent and memorable meal (and for having such great taste in beef)! :-)

Bourbon Steak: 335 Powell Street, San Francisco, CA


Instead of bread, the meal starts with three kinds of French Fries: paprika, citrus salt, and vanilla salt


White Shrimp w/ cocktail sauce at Bourbon Steak in San Francisco. So fresh & delicious, we had to order two!


Fresh Ricotta Gnudi & Wagyu Meatballs


8oz Snake River Farms Rib Cap


My favorite part of the rib eye!


Incredibly tender, moist, and amazing! Snake River Farms Rib Cap


6oz Kagoshima Rib Eye. 100% Japanese Wagyu.


Kagoshima Rib Eye. Luscious marbleized fat that literally melted in my mouth!


Can you see the fat glistening in the light?


Tasty treats after an amazing meal. Loved the chocolate bourbon caramels and peanut butter & jelly macarons!


The dining room

Bourbon Steak (San Francisco, CA)

RN74 (San Francisco, CA)

So excited to be back at RN74 in San Francisco! I came here for happy hour a couple of years ago and have been looking forward to returning for a proper dinner. The name of the restaurant is short for “Route Nationale 74”, which is the main highway running through the Burgundy wine region of France. How appropriate, considering that they feature an extensive wine list that highlights beautiful wines from Burgundy. My lovely dining companion gave me full control over ordering (she’s the best), so I went to town. We feasted on pastrami-style Scottish salmon tartare (my favorite salmon tartare ever!), moules frites (I could happily drown in the white wine broth), clam & garlic risotto with sea urchin (elegant and delicious), chestnut agnolotti with grilled quail (perfectly cooked), crispy brussels sprouts (BEST EVER!!!), and the RN74 cassoulet (warm and cozy). We were beyond stuffed by the time the last dish came out and had to pack some of the leftovers to go. Everything was wonderful! We washed it all down with a gorgeous bottle of Kutch Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir — love love love this wine. I never go wrong when dining at a Chef Michael Mina restaurant!

RN74: 301 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA


Pastrami-Style Scottish Salmon Tartare with warm brioche, dill crème fraîche & herb salad


Moules Frites with fennel sausage, white wine & dijon butter


Clam & Garlic Risotto with sea urchin, meyer lemon & parsley


Chestnut Agnolotti with grilled quail, dates, sage butter


Crispy Brussels Sprouts


RN74 Cassoulet with Toulouse sausage, duck confit, rancho gordo beans, and Swiss chard


In love with this delicious Kutch Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir

RN74 (San Francisco, CA)