Aldea [lunch]

It’s such a treat to step out for lunch on a busy work day. I had the pleasure of dining with Kenta and Erica from Tabelog US, an online community of foodies in NYC that was adapted from the wildly popular Japanese website. We sampled four delicious dishes: Spanish octopus (tender with a touch of acid), foie gras terrine (loved it with peaches), arroz de pato (perfectly cooked duck with savory rice), and a sea urchin sandwich (never had a sammie like this before!) The sea urchin was rich, creamy, salty, and reminiscent of the ocean. Great with tomatoes and fresh bread. I had a wonderful time chatting about food and sharing restaurant recommendations with my lunch companions. It’s always great to dine with people who enjoy eating as much as I do. Thank you so much, Tabelog, for a fantastic meal!

Aldea: 31 West 17th Street (between Fifth and Sixth Avenue)


SPANISH OCTOPUS, lemon-squid ink purée, potato, smoked paprika


FOIE GRAS TERRINE, fall white peach compote, port, vanilla


ARROZ DE PATO, duck confit, chorizo, olive, orange


SEA URCHIN SANDWICH, tomatoes, soy, shiso

Aldea [lunch]