The Little Beet Table

Executive Chef: Franklin Becker
Cuisine: Local / Seasonal / 100% Gluten-Free
Vibe: Casual / Upbeat
Location: 333 Park Avenue South (between East 24th and 25th Street)
Website: The Little Beet Table

Finally made it to The Little Beet Table! I gave up beef and pork for Lent, so this is the perfect spot for yummy non-meat eats. For those of you who can’t eat gluten, you’ll be happy to hear that LBT is completely gluten-free. Tonight I’m with my foodie bestie, SaraDISH, and we are ready to get our healthy eat on. Bring on the veggies! We loved the roasted carrots w/ ricotta and roasted sweet potatoes — simple and perfectly prepared. The prosciutto & mozzarella flatbread was really good, too, except that I had to remove the prosciutto (I was so sad). Being the amazing friend that she is, SaraDISH ate it for me. Friends don’t let good food go to waste. 😉  The salmon with avocado caponata was one of my favorites of the night — I will definitely be back for more of that omega-3 deliciousness. SaraDISH, you’re the best for treating me to this dessert-worthy dinner!


Such a cute logo!


Green Preservation Society (Hendricks gin, cucumber juice, lime, cracked pepper)


Roasted Carrots with whipped ricotta, sumac, and pistachios


Prosciutto Flatbread w/ arugula, pecorino, mozzarella and fresh tomato


Slow Cooked Salmon w/ avocado caponata, pistachio, and black olive


Roasted Sweet Potatoes with smoked sea salt and olive oil


White Bean and Kale Soup


Roasted Apples, vanilla-walnut haroseth, and battenkill cream


Chocolate Mousse, chocolate chip cookie, and kona caramel


The dining room


The bar

The Little Beet Table