Red Rooster [lunch]

At last! Red Rooster has been on my must-try list for almost two years, so I was excited to finally make it there for lunch.  It was in the middle of a work day, which meant I was on a tight schedule and couldn’t order a bunch of different dishes to sample (like I usually love to do). We ended up ordering just three. The corn bread was a great starter — warm and moist, with just a touch of heat.  Helga’s Meatballs were phenomenal! I love a good meatball, and these were luscious and savory. (I was tempted to get an order to go because I wanted to eat them again for dinner over white rice.) :)  The smoked salmon, which was smoked in-house and served medium rare, was delicious.

 125th and 126th Street)


Corn Bread with honey butter and tomato jam


Helga’s Meatballs with lingonberries, dill stewed potatoes, and braised green cabbage


Helga’s Meatballs with lingonberries and braised green cabbage


Smoked Salmon with roasted winter vegetables and meyer lemon aioli

Red Rooster [lunch]