Executive Chef / Owner: Esther Choi
Cuisine: Korean Ramen
Vibe: Casual / Counter seating
Location: Chelsea Market, 75 Ninth Avenue (between West 15th and 16th Street)
Website: Mokbar

In the mood for something warm and cozy, so I stopped by Mokbar in Chelsea Market for some Korean ramen takeout. Since I gave up beef and pork for Lent, I decided to try the vegan miso ramen. It was so flavorful and satisfying! Perfect for this frigid weather. Totally loved it and would order it again. :)


Before adding the broth: Tofu, Triple Seasonal Vegetable, and Crispy Potato

Vegan Miso Ramen (Kombu Shiitake Doenjang Broth, Tofu, Triple Seasonal Vegetable, and Crispy Potato)