La Parmigiana (Southampton, NY)

Continuing the girls weekend food fest with my sister and bestie, SaraDish, at La Parmigiana. Burgers and beer at Publick House — CHECK.  Now we’re ready for pizza and beer! While we were deciding what to order, we got a round of Peroni Nastro Azzurro, a light and easy-to-drink Italian beer. I suggested an order of penne vodka (it’s huge) and a medium pie (after all, we just had burgers and steak sammies). SaraDish replied, “Why don’t we get the EXTRA LARGE pie and save the rest for later?” Haha! Done. That’s why I love the Dish. :)  The pizza and pasta were awesome — we left full, happy, and ready for our wine tasting marathon tomorrow!

La Parmigiana: 44 Hampton Road, Southampton, NY


A nice, refreshing Peroni 


Extra large cheese pie


Penne Vodka with chicken

La Parmigiana (Southampton, NY)