Bar Primi

I was really sad when I found out that Peels closed down — it was a great restaurant with amazing food. In it’s place, Chefs Andrew Carmellini and Sal Lamboglia opened up Bar Primi, a casual Italian pasta shop. Pasta is one of my favorite things in the whole world, so naturally, I had to check it out. I was in great company with three food-loving friends who are equally as passionate about good pasta as I am. We all like to eat as much as possible, so we ordered a bunch of items and shared it all. To start: ricotta bruschetta, stuffed meatballs, and farro piccolo (just to throw a semi-healthy dish into the mix). So far, so good. I’m obsessed with meatballs, and these are pretty darn good. Super tender and juicy. Now for the main event: the pasta! After much deliberation, we agreed on one traditional: Strozzapreti (ragu alla bolognese) and three seasonal: Rigatoni (jersey corn, maitake mushrooms, scalogno), Cavatelli (salsiccia, red grapes, pepperonicino, sage), and Paccheri (shrimp, cubanelle peppers, gaeta olives). My favorites were the strozzapreti (I’m a sucker for good bolognese) and the cavatelli (the red grapes sounded strange at first, but ended up being super delicious). We ended the meal on a sweet note with a classic tiramisu and creamy pistachio gelato (there were a few hardcore pistachio fans at the table). Overall, a solid meal. Bar Primi a great addition to the neighborhood!


Bar Primi: 325 Bowery (at East 2nd Street)

Stuffed meatballs in sugo

Farro piccolo with cauliflower & avocado dressing

Ricotta bruschetta with figs & sardinian honey 


Strozzapreti (ragu alla bolognese)


Rigatoni (jersey corn, maitake mushrooms, scalogno)


Cavatelli (salsiccia, red grapes, pepperonicino, sage)


Paccheri (shrimp, cubanelle peppers, gaeta olives)

Pistachio gelato


Bar Primi