Philly Favorite: Chef Greg Vernick at the James Beard House

After having an amazing meal at Vernick Food & Drink just a few months earlier and attending their dinner at the Beard House last April, I am a bigger fan than ever of Chef Greg Vernick! The minute I found out that he was returning to the Beard House for a second dinner, I made my reservation and spread the word. So excited for more delicious food! I didn’t think it was possible, but this time around was even better than the last. From the ricotta cheese & caviar to the razor clam tiradito, the hors d’oeurves during cocktail hour hit a home run. The five courses that followed were phenomenal! Let’s start with the avocado carpaccio & sea urchin salad — now that’s my kind of salad. :)  What a great way to kick off the meal. The warm brandade was comforting & cozy; the lobster & shrimp ravioli was nestled in the most incredible shellfish broth; the monkfish was cooked perfectly and the chicken skin was to die for!  The petite apple pie with salted caramel & creme fraiche ice cream was without a doubt one of the best desserts I’ve ever eaten. Sweet and savory, creamy and crispy — a beautiful blend of complementary flavors and textures. After dinner, Chef Greg and his amazing wife, Julie, came over to our table to say hello. I had the pleasure of meeting Julie last year at the Beard House — she is such a warm and genuine person, in addition to being a fellow Boston University alum! It was wonderful to see her again and catch up. In the past year, Julie and Greg welcomed a beautiful baby girl, Alexandra, into the world — how exciting! I also had a chance to chat with Ryan Mulholland, the general manager at Vernick, who is also a BU alum. Ryan is the genius behind the fantastic wine pairings — he went with a unique approach of all white wines, which was a bold choice that definitely paid off. My friends and I had a blast tonight and we’re already planning our next trip to Philly. Stay tuned!

James Beard House: 167 West 12th Street (between 6th and 7th Avenue)
Vernick Food & Drink: 2031 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA


Ricotta Cheese & Caviar


Razor Clam Tiradito


Barbecued Octopus


So excited that Chef Greg Vernick and his amazing team are cooking at the James Beard House tonight!

Avocado Carpaccio & Sea Urchin Salad

Warm Brandade with Sweet Potato & Apple

Lobster & Shrimp Raviolo, Herbal Shellfish Broth

Roasted Monkfish, Smoked Chili & Crispy Chicken Skin

Petite Apple Pie, Salted Caramel, Creme Fraiche Ice Cream


Love this dynamic duo! The incredibly talented Chef Greg Vernick and his amazing & equally talented wife, Julie.


Ryan Mulholland (General Manager at Vernick Food & Drink) is awesome.


The fabulous Vernick Food & Drink team

Goodie bags make me happy! Love the Spiced Cranberry Cordial and tasty treats

Philly Favorite: Chef Greg Vernick at the James Beard House