Dig Inn Seasonal Market

I just recently discovered Dig Inn when a new location opened up down the block from my apartment. After a long weekend of indulgent eating, I was craving something fresh and light. Dig Inn to the rescue! I thoroughly enjoyed the spicy meatballs (the perfect amount of mild heat), the flame-grilled wild salmon (cooked to order) and the seasonal quinoa salad (refreshing and satisfying). Everything I had was full of flavor and I would definitely go back for more. Plus, the service was super friendly and fun. Dig Inn just may be my new go-to spot for tasty, healthy meals!

Dig Inn Seasonal Market (there are so many locations!)


Flame-grilled wild salmon over brown rice and seasonal quinoa salad 


Spicy meatballs over brown rice, seasonal quinoa salad, and kale & apple salad

Dig Inn Seasonal Market