Shake Shack – Battery Park City

It feels like a Shake Shack kind of day. I’m in the mood for my favorite hot dog, the Dogmeister, smothered in ooey gooey cheese sauce and delicious crispy shallots. Mmm mmm good!  I also had to have my go-to Black & White shake and sampled the special concrete of the day, “Shackenstein” (how cute is that name?!)  A note to all Shack Fans: CRINKLE CUTS ARE COMING BACK!!!! Starting on Monday, October 27, the amazing crinkle cut fries will be back at the Batter Park City location. Time to do the happy happy joy joy dance. Oh, crinkle cuts, how I have missed you!

Shake Shack: 215 Murray Street (between West Street and North End Avenue)


Dogmeister (topped with Shack cheddar & American cheese sauce and crispy Shackmeister Ale-marinated shallots)


Had to capture the Dogmeister from another glorious angle

Special “Shackenstein” concrete with marshmallows and chocolate cake


Another tasty meal at the Shack!

Shake Shack – Battery Park City