Monument Lane

So excited to be back at Monument Lane, and even more excited to introduce this awesome spot to my beautiful sister! We are in luck tonight because it’s Whiskey Wednesday AND Chef Steve Dustin is doing a Summer Barbecue Series. On the menu: Beef brisket with cornbread and corn on the cob. There’s nothing I love more than a fatty piece of juicy brisket! :-) We started out with a nice whiskey flight — bourbon for me, scotch for my sis — before chowing down on some amazing eats. Totally loved the chilled canteloupe soup, crispy pork belly, heirloom tomatoes, duck confit, beef tongue, roasted eggplant, summer squash, and, of course, the beef brisket! I’m so proud of my sister for trying the beef tongue — she loved it! I always feel right at home when I’m at ML, thanks to Chef Steve’s insanely good food and his awesome team. Thanks again for a wonderful meal!

Monument Lane: 103 Greenwich Ave (between West 12th and Jane Street)


Bell’s Oberon Ale


Crispy chickpeas


Bourbon Tasting for me


Scotch Tasting for my sister


Amuse bouche: Chilled canteloupe soup

Crispy Pork Belly, blueberry compote, cornbread crumble, pickled onion

Heirloom Tomatoes, frisée, red onion, mint vinaigrette

Duck Confit, crimini, scallion, lentil salad, spruce gastrique

Heritage Pork Tongue, soft farm egg, radish, shallot, purslane, salsa verde

Summer Barbecue Series: Beef Brisket with cornbread and corn on the cob

Roasted Eggplant, Basil & Grana

Grilled Summer Squash with Almond Pesto

Monument Lane