Pig & Khao

I have been a fan of Filipino food ever since middle school and I’m curious to see Chef Leah Cohen’s interpretation of it at Pig & Khao (she’s half-Filipina). A good friend joined me for dinner and we shared four dishes: sizzling sisig (pronounced SEE-SIG), shan noodles, mussels in pineapple curry, and green rice crusted dorade. Everything was really good, especially the sisig (which is typically made from parts of a pig’s head and liver) — it was so crispy and greasy! The shan noodles had a nice kick with a savory broth and the mussels were incredible — loved those fried buns dipped in the pineapple curry! My absolute favorite dish of the night was the dorade. The rice crust gave it a nice crunch, the Chinese sausage added a saltiness that complemented the mildness of the fish, and I was crazy about the yuzu dashi. All in all, a satisfying meal. Next time I’m totally going for the pork belly adobo — YUM!

Pig & Khao: 68 Clinton Street (between Rivington and Stanton)


Love Porkslap and Blue Point Summer Ale


Sizzling Sisig (pork head) with chili and egg


Shan Noodles (ground chicken, turmeric, peanuts & fermented mustard greens)


Mussels in pineapple curry with Thai basil and fried mantao buns


Close up of the mussels


Green rice crusted Dorade with Chinese sausage, cockles, and yuzu dashi


The dining room


The open kitchen

Pig & Khao