Left Bank [movie night]

To celebrate summer in NYC, one of my favorite restaurants, Left Bank, is showing classic movies every Sunday until the end of August. Chef Laurence Edelman will be serving up some special dishes to complement each of the films — and there will be yummy seasoned popcorn to munch on! I was super psyched to check out the screening of Back To The Future with my bestie, SaraDish. We arrived early to get our grub on before the movie. We sipped on a specialty cocktail, appropriately named “The Flux Capacitor”, and shared several scrumptious dishes: Provençal fish soup with rouille crouton and gruyere and flourless Swiss chard cake with sliced radish and mustard. During the movie, we got hungry again so we ordered the special entree: tuna melt with pancetta and Parmesan fries and indulged in some profiteroles with vanilla ice cream. All of the food was absolutely amazing! I’m seriously obsessed with that fish soup. I had such a blast sitting with SaraDish, Chef Laurence, and his adorable mom while watching one of my favorite movies and feasting on great food. Thank you, Chef L, and your awesome team for an incredibly fun evening! (Before I left, I couldn’t resist ordering the Capricci Bolognese to go — and I ended up munching on it as a late night snack. SO GOOD!)

Left Bank: 117 Perry Street (at Greenwich Street)


Left Bank Picture Show


Tonight is Back To The Future!


Chef Laurence outside of Left Bank


Provençal Fish Soup with Rouille Crouton and Gruyere


Flourless Swiss Chard cake with Sliced Radish & Mustard


Movie night popcorn


I love this movie!


Special entree: Tuna Melt with Pancetta and Parmesan Fries




Take home pasta: Capricci Bolognese, Pork and Beef Ragu, Parmesan

Left Bank [movie night]