Ippudo – East Village

Back for more delicious ramen at Ippudo! This time I’m with some friends visiting from out of town who are huge Ippudo fans. We feasted on the Pork Hirata buns (one of my favorite dishes), Tori Tatsuta-Age (Japanese fried chicken), and, of course, the Akamaru Modern ramen. So excited to have this twice in one month! It is so cozy and savory — I just can’t get enough of it. Next time, I’m planning to check out the vegan ramen. When I tell this to friends, they are like, “Why would you ever want to do that?!?” Even though I’m a hardcore carnivore, I have to admit that I’m super curious about how the vegan version tastes. So far, I’ve heard good things, so I’m hopeful. Stay tuned for my vegan & pork ramen side by side comparison!

Ippudo: 65 Fourth Avenue (between East 9th and 10th Street)


Ice cold Sapporo


Yamitsuki Goma Kyuri (Japanese cucumber with sesame oil dressing)


Pork Hirata Buns


Tori Tatsuta-Age (fried chicken with grated daikon ponzu sauce) 


Akamaru Modern¬†(thin ramen noodles topped with Ippudo’s secret “Umami Dama” miso paste, pork chashu, cabbage, sesame kikurage mushrooms, scallions and garlic oil)

Ippudo – East Village