I’m back at Maysville for more of Chef Kyle’s fantastic food! I love sitting at the bar so that I can gaze lovingly at the Great Wall of bourbon. What a beautiful sight! Tonight, I was hanging out with a bourbon virgin <gasp>. Yes, you read that correctly. It was my duty to introduce him to some of my faves and sample some new stuff too. He started off with a bourbon cocktail, which he liked, and then dove right in to the good stuff: Basil Hayden’s on the rocks. BH is my go to bourbon — I just adore it.  In between all of the whiskey, we managed to squeeze in some amazing eats, including the cornbread muffins (to die for), oysters on the half shell and hay roasted oysters with salsify and pickled shallots (super good), sweet pea & ricotta filled pasta, the famous crispy grits with country ham and bourbon aioli, and a special treat from chef Kyle: slow cooked arctic char (bright, fresh and absolutely delicious). We rounded off the night with this rye whiskey recommended by our bartender: Smooth Ambler Old Scout Rye (made in the wild and wonderful state of West Virginia). Loved it. Huge thanks to Chef Kyle and the Maysville team for a magnificent meal!

Maysville: 17 West 26th Street (between Fifth and Sixth Avenue)

Buffalo Trace bourbon

Cornbread muffins

Zucchini burgers with confit tomato and Sunflower crackers with head cheese

Sunflower crackers with head cheese

Basil Hayden’s bourbon

Chilled Puffer’s Wellfleet Oysters on the half shell

Slow Cooked Arctic Char with chilled tomato gazpacho, peppers and yogurt

Hay Roasted Oysters with salsify and pickled shallots 

Sweet Pea & Ricotta-filled Pasta with sheep’s milk cheese and black pepper

Crispy Grits with country ham and bourbon aioli

Smooth Ambler Old Scout Rye