Savoring Sicily and Apulia: Chef Jordon Frosolone and his Mentors at the James Beard House

At tonight’s dinner at the James Beard House, Momofuku Group’s Jordan Frosolone assembled a team of renowned chefs who mentored him throughout his career for an Italian-inspired dinner. I signed up for this dinner the second that I heard that one of my favorite chefs, Edwin Bellanco of Vitae, was going to be cooking alongside Chef Marco Canora of Hearth and Chef Mark Ladner of Del Posto. I am such a huge fan of Chef Edwin — he’s incredibly talented in addition to being such a warm and genuine person. I’m also a big fan of Chef Marco Canora, who restaurant, Hearth, has quickly shot to the top of my list. I really enjoyed the journey through Apulia and Sicily by way of the delicious dishes that each chef prepared. The seafood salad and rolled swordfish stood out the most to me and were absolutely delicious. It was such a pleasure to meet Jordan Salcito, beverage director for the Momofuku restaurant group. She came by our table to tell us about the pistachio liqueur that was paired with the dessert: brioche with pistachio gelato. I am obsessed with anything pistachio — the liqueur and gelato were fantastic! I’m so happy I had the opportunity to attend this dinner and am looking forward to returning to the Beard House in week for the another great meal!

James Beard House: 167 West 12th Street (between 6th and 7th Avenue)


Pizza di Patate Pugliese (Apulian Potato Pizza) by Chef Edwin Bellanco


Panella Siciliana (Fried Sicilian Chickpea Cakes) by Chef Jordan Frosolone 


Pollo e Uova Tramezzini (Chicken & Egg sandwiches) by Chef Mark Ladner


Cocktail Hour in the James Beard Garden


Tonno con Salicornia, Sesame, Gelsomino (Seasonal Fish Crudo with Sea Beans, Sesame, and Jasmine) by Chef Jordon Frosolone of Momofuku 


Frutti di Mare con Polpo, Gamberetto, Calamari, Patate (Seafood Salad with Octopus, Prawns, Calamari, and Potatoes) by Chef Marco Canora of Hearth


Timballo di Gattopardo (Classic Sicilian Baked Pasta) by Chef Mark Ladner of Del Posto 


Involtini di Pesce Spada Prezzemolo, Capperi (Rolled Swordfish with Parsley and Capers) by Chef Edwin Bellanco of Vitae


Carre d’Agnello con Carciofi e Salsa di Fave di Cocao (Lamb Loin with Artichokes and Cocoa Bean Sauce) by Chef Jordon Frosolone of Momofuku 


Brioche with Pistachio Gelato by Chef Jordon Frosolone of Momofuku 


Jordan Salcito, Beverage Director for The Momofuku Group


Three amazing chefs (Chef Jordan Frosolone, Chef Edwin Bellanco, and Chef Marco Canora) 






Savoring Sicily and Apulia: Chef Jordon Frosolone and his Mentors at the James Beard House