Pizza Vinoteca

For happy hour, I checked out a new pizza & wine spot in Union Square called Pizza Vinoteca. I absolutely love the look of the upstairs dining room — it’s so modern and fun. I also love how the wines are concisely categorized in the wine dispensing machines against the wall.  When ordering, each guest gets an iPad at the table to browse the wine list and food menu. The detailed descriptions are really helpful in choosing the exact wines that you want, either by the half glass or full. One person has the master iPad which allows you to send your order to the kitchen. Servers are also available to assist you with questions or requests. I sampled a few tasty half glasses of sparkling wine, which were really refreshing, before moving on to a delicious red that was recommended by our server (totally blanked in the name). Naturally, you’ve got to have some tasty eats while sipping vino, so we tried a variety of cheeses with focaccia. I had a great experience at Pizza Vinoteca and am looking forward to trying some of the grilled pizzas next time around!

Pizza Vinoteca: 15 Union Square West (at East 15th Street)


You place your order via iPad. Pretty high tech.


Wines can be ordered by full glass or half glass


Two half glasses of sparkling wines: Cremant de Loire Rose and Finezza


This wine was recommended by our server. Forgot the name, but it was delicious!


Cheese Plate


The modern, high tech dining room upstairs

Pizza Vinoteca