Hop Kee

We are so excited to bring our foodie besties, SaraDish and Estevino, to Hop Kee for some deliciously greasy Chinese food. It’s their first time here, so we are ordering all of the best stuff: salty and spicy fried pork chops (there are no words for how awesome this dish is), beef pan-fried noodles (with no vegetables — beef and noodles only), and whole pan-fried flounder (tender and crispy). Hmmm, notice a pattern here? Everything is FRIED, which is why it’s so darn good! :). We brought our own stash of booze (two six packs of Brooklyn Brewery beer) and some vino. Cold beer pairs perfectly with Chinese food. (Heehee). In record time, we housed everything and licked our plates clean. The verdict from S & E: they loved it. ¬†Hooray!


Beef Pan-Fried Noodles (no vegetables!)


Salty & Spicy Fried Pork Chops


Whole Pan-Fried Flounder


Beef Lo Mein


Our feast

Hop Kee