Prime & Beyond (Fort Lee, NJ)

For Father’s Day, we decided to honor our dads by giving them what they love:  MEAT. I’ve heard about Prime & Beyond in the city, but didn’t know they had a Fort Lee location, too. It was casual and no-frills. The dinner menu consisted only of steak, but the chef was so gracious as to let us order a few dishes from the lunch menu that we really wanted to try: galbi tang (beef short rib soup) and galbi (beef short ribs in a Korean barbecue sauce). Both were amazing! The beef was so tender and fatty, just the way I like it. We also got an ordered of the smoked bacon strips (naturally, these were awesome). And then came the main course: Dry-aged ribeyes all around! We sampled both the bone in and boneless versions — I personally prefer the bone in :-) It was cooked perfectly medium rare and the charred crust was one of the best tasting things I’ve ever eaten! All in all, it was an incredible meal. I don’t like to say negative things about restaurants, but I must share that the service was horrible. I wouldn’t comment in it unless it was really bad. But the food was so good that it made up for it and I will definitely be back!

Prime & Beyond501 Main Street, Fort Lee, NJ


Love that the sign calls it a MEAT HOUSE!


Galbi Tang (beef short rib soup with daikon) and side dishes


Galbi Tang (beef short rib soup with daikon) 


Galbi (beef short ribs, marinated and grilled with Korean barbecue sauce)


Smoked bacon strips


Dry-aged bone in ribeye for two


Dry-aged boneless ribeye for two


Check out that rare deliciousness and charred crust


The best part of all — the bone!

Prime & Beyond (Fort Lee, NJ)