So excited to be back at Freemans! I can’t believe that it’s been several years since my last meal here. I’m a huge fan of  both executive chefs, Preston Madson and Ginger Pierce. They are amazing chefs and the cutest couple ever (who have THE most adorable son on the planet! Check out his food adventures on Instagram: #SebastianEats). A friend that I haven’t seen in almost four years met up with me for drinks and dinner — it’s so much fun to reconnect with old friends. We were so happy to see Chef Preston at the restaurant and chat with him for a bit. He treated us to a tasty whipped goat’s milk ricotta on crostini — it was so good that we devoured it before I could snap a pic! That first bite was the start of an evening filled with incredible eats: grilled pork sausage & shrimp skewers (loved this dish at From Farm To Tray), homemade ricotta and kale salad, smoked bluefish spread, crispy squid with spicy ketchup, baby romaine with pecorino & porcinis, oven-roasted cod w/ white beans & veggies, and seared filet mignon with mashed potatoes & horseradish cream. What a feast! Our last bites consisted of an amazing pound cake dessert with buttermillk ice cream and warm cherry sauce. A huge thank you to Chefs Preston & Ginger and the Freemans team for such a satisfying and delicious meal!

Freemans: 191 Chrystie Street (located at the end of Freeman Alley, off of Rivington between Chrystie and Bowery)


Domaine Dominique Gruhier Bourgogne Epineuil


Grilled Pork & Shrimp Sausage Skewers with fava bean hummus, fennel & red mizuna salad with chili oil


Homemade Ricotta & Kale Salad


Smoked Bluefish Spread with assorted raw veggies


One of the specials: Crispy Squid with spicy ketchup


Another special: Baby Romaine with porcini mushrooms & pecorino


Special entree: Oven-roasted Cod with white beans and veggies


Seared Filet Mignon, sweet & sour onions, mashed potatoes, and horseradish cream


Roasted carrots


Pound Cake with warm cherry sauce and buttermilk ice cream