Route 66 Smokehouse [take out]

You know those nights when you don’t feel like cooking and you just want something delicious delivered right to your door? Well, it was one of those nights, and I was totally craving barbecue. Luckily, a new BBQ joint opened up on Stone Street, so I thought I’d give it a shot. I was pleasantly surprised by how amazing the toasted corn crunch was. It consisted of large fried corn kernels and had a nice kick. I couldn’t stop eating them! The beef ribs were massive and super tender — I really enjoyed them. The brisket was pretty good, too (I just wish it was slightly fattier because I looooove fatty meats). Overall, a solid meal and I’m looking forward to checking out Route 66 Smokehouse again soon!

Route 66 Smokehouse:  46 Stone Street


Toasted Corn Crunch


Fried Green Tomatoes, crispy jalapeño bottle caps, buttermilk ranch


Fried Oysters, citrus aioli


Texas Style Beef Ribs 


Those are some beefy ribs!


Sliced Brisket (salt, pepper, smoke and love)

Route 66 Smokehouse [take out]