Ever since my dinner at Hearth in January, I’ve been counting the days until my return. This time, the plan was to get to the restaurant as early as possible — which meant 5:30 on the dot — in hopes of scoring two of the four highly coveted seats right by the kitchen. My friend and I arrived well before anyone else and we enjoyed an ice cold beer at the bar before being seated at the kitchen at 6. Yes! It was so much fun to have an up close and personal look at all of the action. I was hoping to see Beverage Director, David Flaherty, who knows everything there is to know about beer. Last time, our server told us that he could do custom beer pairings upon request. I was all over that! To our delight, David was at the restaurant and we caught him on his way out. He graciously picked out six beers to complement each of the dishes that we chose. And then the feast began! We savored one delicious dish after another, starting with chilled pea soup (amazing flavors and textures), Hearth’s housemade charcuterie board (pure heaven), arugula & anchovy salad (one of my favorite salads), ricotta sformato (creamy and dreamy), and finishing up with the braised wild striped salmon in bacon consommé (absolutely divine). The beer pairings started off light and refreshing, and got progressively richer and darker. We wrapped up the meal with a few tasty sorbets (rhubarb, grapefruit and yogurt). What an awesome experience! A big thank you to our fantastic server, David Flaherty, Chef Marco Canora, and the Hearth team for one of the most enjoyable dining experiences I’ve ever had.

Hearth: 403 East 12th Street (at First Avenue)


Enjoying a Bell’s Beer Oberon Ale at the bar


Loved having front row seats in the Hearth kitchen!


Cannellini bean soup with apple


Chilled Pea Soup, pickled shrimp salad, spring onions, creme fraiche, and trout roe


The Bavarian State Brewery Weihenstephaner


Housemade Charcuterie: liver pate, pork rillette, whipped lardo, pig head terrine, pastrami duck breast & rabbit ballotine


Arugula, Fennel, and Anchovy Salad with pickled cippolini onions & croutons


 21st Amendment Brewery Bitter American


Ricotta Sformato, roasted mushroom trifolati, gremolata, and parmigiano


Braised Wild Striped Salmon, bacon consommé, crispy bacon, peas, and pickled onions


Prairie Artisan Ales Birra — my favorite of the night!


Rhubarb, Grapefruit, and Yogurt sorbert


More kitchen action 


I could watch these talented chefs all day long!


Is our meal over already? We’ll be back again!