Zai Lai Chinese Grill [pop up]

Zai Lai Chinese Grill  had it’s third pop up at Pushcart Coffee today! I spent the earlier part of the day in New Jersey and hopped on the bus to Port Authority in the late afternoon, crossing my fingers the whole ride back that I would get there before the food ran out. So glad I made it in time for Chef Edward Huang’s braised brisket, which was slow cooked for over 6 hours. It was absolutely delicious! We also chowed down on the Lion’s Head Meatballs, which I tried at the first pop up and totally loved. After finishing those dishes, we knew that we had to head over to a cocktail party, but the brisket was SO GOOD that we went back for round two! (Needless to say, we still had room to sample everything at the party AND grab some more food for take out on the way home. 😉 )

Zai Lai Chinese Grill


Today’s menu


Braised brisket with bok choy and gogi berry rice


Lion’s Head Meatballs (pork, scallion, ginger, water chestnut) with bok choy and gogi berry rice


Back for more brisket! Check out that beautiful fatty goodness.

Zai Lai Chinese Grill [pop up]