Blue Apron: Steamed Pork Belly Buns with Red Cabbage (Home Cookin’)

I’ve already tried Plated (and loved it)… now it’s time to test out one of their competitors, Blue Apron. The concept is the same: new recipes are created each week and the ingredients are delivered to your home. However, Blue Apron is slightly less expensive than Plated ($10 per meal compared to Plated‘s $12 or $15 per meal). But with those savings comes a requirement of six servings per order (the minimum for Plated is four).  Both services allow you to input cuisine preferences (e.g. vegetarian, meat, fish, etc.), but Blue Apron does not let you choose the actual meals that you want — Plated does. I was in luck this week because Blue Apron had three meals that sounded great, so I invited some company over and cooked them all in one night! First up, steamed pork belly buns with red cabbage and carrot slaw. The pork belly was pretty fatty, which made me happy. The cabbage slaw helped to cut the richness of the pork and added some brightness with the lime & sesame oil dressing. Overall, it was a successful dish!

Blue Apron


First round of ingredients


Lime & sesame oil dressing is made


Refreshing red cabbage and carrot 


Steamed buns are good to go


Frying up that succulent pork belly


Ready to eat!

Blue Apron: Steamed Pork Belly Buns with Red Cabbage (Home Cookin’)