Betony [lunch]

Excited to check out the lunch menu at Betony for the first time (appetizer + entree for $38). I saw some familiar dishes that I really enjoyed and some new ones that I couldn’t wait to taste. The grain salad with labne is a favorite of mine that might be easily overlooked or underestimated — I mean, who wants grain salad when you can have meat or pasta? It is way more interesting and complex dish than the description, with a beautiful blend of textures and flavors. The labne (strained yogurt) is thick and creamy, the sprouts are fresh and crispy, and the grains are crunchy and delicious! I remember Chef Bryce mentioning that this is one of his favorite dishes on the menu —  I can certainly see why! My friend ordered the hen’s egg with tagliatelle and ham hock, which I had a few luscious bites of. That runny yolk just gets me every time. As a surprise course, we feasted on the poached lobster with asparagus and almond — an extraordinary treat! The lobster was poached to perfection in a broth that tasted like heaven. This was followed by the black sea bass With fennel and couscous which was beyond moist and tender. By the end of our lunch, I was stuffed and happy. It was great seeing Chef Bryce Shuman and Eamon Rockey (General Manager) — these guys are extraordinary at what they do.  An enormous thank you to both of them and the Betony team for a fantastic lunch! I’ll be back again soon. :-)

Betony:  41 West 57th Street (between Fifth and Sixth Avenue) 


Grain Salad with Labne and Sprouts


Hen’s Egg with Tagliatelle and Ham Hock 


Black Sea Bass with Fennel and Couscous


Poached Lobster with Asparagus and Almond 

Betony [lunch]