Zai Lai Chinese Grill [pop up]

What a nice surprise to find out that a friend of mine is cooking at a pop-up here in the city! I stopped by Graffiti (Chef Jehangir Mehta’s restaurant in the East Village) to check out Zai Lai Chinese Grille, which serves healthy, organic Chinese food. On the menu: Lion’s Head Meatballs (pork, ginger, scallion, water chestnuts) & bok choy and Bamboo Eggplant (marinated winter bamboo with Chinese eggplant in a soy glaze). Yum! Definitely not the typical beef & broccoli and General Tso’s chicken that you see on most Chinese food menus. Since I was one of the first 100 guests, I received my meal for free — how awesome is that! I thoroughly enjoyed the pork meatballs, which had a nice little crunch to them, thanks to the water chestnuts. Brilliant! I was thrilled to see my friend, Joy, and meet Karen and Chef Edward Huang. He is one to watch — he’ll be doing big things here in NYC in the future. Can’t wait to try more of his tasty food!

Zai Lai Chinese Grill


Zai Lai pop up menu


“Lion’s Head Meatballs” (pork, ginger, scallion, water chestnuts) & bok choy¬†


Joy and Chef Edward Huang 

Zai Lai Chinese Grill [pop up]