Fresh Pasta: Pappardelle with Meat Ragu (Home Cookin’)

One successful pasta down, one more to go! It’s time to get started on the meat ragu for my homemade pappardelle. After browning the ground beef and ground pork, I added tomatoes and red wine and let the mixture simmer for about three hours. In the meantime, I rolled out the remaining dough until it was paper thin and then hand cut wide strips. A little dusting of semolina flour and the pappardelle was ready to go. Once the ragu was looking nice and thick, I dropped the pasta into boiling water and scooped it out after a mere sixty seconds — lightning fast! I ladled a generous amount of meat ragu onto the al dente pappardelle, sprinkled on some Parmesan, grabbed a fork, and dove right in. Mmm, delicious… if I do say so myself! 😉


First, I need to start the ragu with onion, garlic, and basil


Ground beef and ground pork are my meats of choice


The meat is nicely browned


Tomatoes and red wine join the party


After simmering for three hours, the ragu is ready


Time to make the pappardelle


Using a knife, I sliced wide strips of pasta and dusted them with semolina flour


Papparelle needs only 60 seconds to cook


Top the pasta with meat ragu and a little parmesan cheese

Fresh Pasta: Pappardelle with Meat Ragu (Home Cookin’)