Maysville [lunch]

Maysville is an American whiskey bar and restaurant named after¬†the Kentucky port town where¬†bourbon was born. How awesome is that! No wonder they have an incredible selection (read: entire wall) of bourbons to choose from. A foodie pal and I stopped in for lunch — we had limited time and I was only able to order two items on the menu, instead of five or more like I usually do. I chose carefully and went with the crispy grits and slow roasted arctic char, which both sounded amazing… and were ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS! The crispy grits were tiny fried cubes of creamy grits nestled on bourbon aioli and topped with paper thin slices of ham. Pure perfection! I think I could take down two or three orders of this by myself — they were that amazing. My arctic char was incredibly fresh and tender — it literally melted in my mouth. The accompanying spring veggie broth was a bright, refreshing complement. I was thoroughly impressed with both dishes and cannot wait return to Maysville soon for dinner and bourbon!

Maysville: 17 West 26th Street (between Fifth and Sixth Avenue)


Crispy Grits with Country Ham and Bourbon Aioli


Slow Roasted Arctic Char with Spring Green Broth, Roasted Lettuce, and Radish


The Great Wall of Whiskey


The dining room

Maysville [lunch]