Tzatziki Sauce (Home Cookin’)

Eating chicken breast can get pretty boring after a while (or a day). I needed something that would add a ton of flavor to an otherwise mundane meal. Sure, a few pats of butter would help, but I wanted a healthier option. Solution: Tzatziki! It’s a cool, refreshing Greek sauce that packs a powerful flavor punch and tastes great with so many different things. I just got a new mini food processor in the mail — time to test it out. After a couple of attempts where I failed to remove all of the moisture from the cucumbers (result: watery tzatziki), I finally got it right. I salted the cucumbers to drain some of the water, then used a fine mesh strainer after it was processed to get rid of the rest. Once it was mixed with the Greek yogurt, it was thick and creamy. Opa!


So excited about my new food processor!


After salting the cucumber and draining the water, add it to the food processor with the other ingredients


Once the cucumber is well processed and strained, toss in the yogurt 


Tasty tzatziki!

Tzatziki Sauce (Home Cookin’)