Quinoa Tabbouleh (Home Cookin’)

After trying the Assiette Mediterranean platter (hummus, babaganoush, tabbouleh) at Le Pain Quotidien, I fell in love with the tabbouleh. It was bright and fresh — and made with quinoa instead of couscous. I’ve been embarking on a new health kick ever since giving up white rice and white bread for Lent this year, and quinoa has slowly crept into more of my homemade meals. I enjoyed this dish so much that I was inspired to make it in my own kitchen. I found a simple recipe online by Bon Appetit and got to work. (Tip: even if the quinoa is pre-washed, I suggest that you wash it again… and again. You want to get rid of the bitter aftertaste.) Overall, this quinoa tabbouleh was super simple to prepare and I was able to keep it in the fridge to munch on over the next few days. Such a great healthy snack!


All you need are a few simple ingredients


Mix them together in a bowl


Thn add the quinoa and mix some more!

Quinoa Tabbouleh (Home Cookin’)