David Burke Kitchen

Ever since seeing a photo of the crispy pork shank by Executive Chef Kyle Williams on Instagram, I knew I had to have it. And now that time has come. Tonight we indulged in some serious pork action by ordering not one, but TWO crispy pork shanks (in addition to the ricotta jar and pressed prawn pappardelle appetizer). It was a duo of beautiful, super juicy, gargantuan pork shanks nestled on a bed of mango chutney, maple bacon, and onion rings. Talk about crispy skin — it was sensational! There was total silence at our table as we got down to business. Check out this crispy pork shank if you can — it’s available only on Wednesdays as a special at David Burke Kitchen!

David Burke Kitchen: 23 Grand Street (between Sixth Avenue and Thompson Street)


TODAY’S RICOTTA JAR with honey comb and toast


PRESSED PRAWN PAPPARDELLE with tomato, olive, and pesto


Crispy Pork Shank served with mango chutney, maple bacon, cilantro curry onion rings


Let’s focus on that pork shank


Hello, gorgeous.


Moist, tender meat and super crispy skin

David Burke Kitchen