Osteria Morini

Homemade pasta is one of my favorite things in the whole world. So it’s no surprise that I would want to have my birthday dinner at Osteria Morini, which features a whopping fourteen different pastas! My fiance and I studied the menu before we came and knew exactly what we wanted: a couple of light appetizers (rucola salad with crispy speck, lambrusco vinaigrette, pears & parmigiano and the pasta pie with ragu antica & parmigiano), followed by our top four pasta picks (gramigna, torcia, cappelletti, and spaghetti alla vongole). (I was so excited that I actually forgot my camera at home! :( I didn’t realize it until we were at the restaurant, so it was too late to do anything about it. I apologize for the poor picture quality! The photos do not do these dishes any justice. Anyway, back to the food…) The meal was every bit as amazing as I anticipated — a truly magnificent pasta fest! I fell in love with the gramigna (macaroni with pork sausage, tomato and cream). It’s so simple and so tasty! I love pastas that feel like a warm, cozy blanket. :) I was also reunited with a longtime love, the cappelletti (truffled ricotta ravioli with butter and prosciutto) — another simple dish, but so rich in flavor. After such an incredible feast, I had the pleasure of enjoying three amazing desserts: tiramisu, milk chocolate budino, and assorted gelatos (espresso, pistachio, and salted caramel). Endless thanks to Chef Michael White, the Osteria Morini team, and Altamarea Group for an absolutely perfect birthday dinner!

Osteria Morini: 218 Lafayette Street (between Spring and Broome)


Tasty House Sodas (sarsaparilla and lemon)


Rucola salad w/ crispy speck, lambrusco vinaigrette, pears, parmigiano


Pasticcio alla Morini (pasta pie w/ ragu antica & parmigiano)


Gramigna (macaroni, pork sausage, tomato, cream)


Spaghetti Alla Vongole (clams, leeks, white wine)


Torcia (squid ink pasta, shrimp & seppia ragù)


Cappelletti (truffled ricotta ravioli, butter, prosciutto) — my apologies for the blurry photo!


Birthday tiramisu!


3 amazing gelatos: espresso, pistachio, and salted caramel… and one delicious chocolate cookie


Milk Chocolate Budino (chocolate custard, stone fruits, cardamaro granita, cocoa nibs)

Osteria Morini