Three-Star New York: Chef Bryce Shuman at the James Beard House

The second I found out that Chef Bryce Shuman was cooking at the James Beard House, I reserved a seat. He’s one of the most talented chefs in the country right now and has opened what I believe to be the best new restaurant in NYC this year. And he’s a super nice guy! On the menu were some of the amazing dishes that I know and love from the Betony menu (foie gras bonbons, lobster rolls, grain salad with labne & sprouts, and the grilled short ribs with romaine & sweetbreads) in addition to a number of new ones that I was eagerly anticipating (sunchoke veloute, poached lobster with chestnuts, smoked foie gras with kabocha squash & buckwheat, just to name a few). Every single dish was extraordinary! I was already a fan of the grilled short rib and gained an even greater appreciation for it after Chef Bryce told us about the preparation (it’s cooked for two days at 135 degrees, then poached with dry-aged beef fat and subsequently cooked on binchotan charcoal). After all of that time and effort, it’s no wonder that those short ribs taste like heaven!

James Beard House: 167 West 12th Street (between 6th and 7th Avenue)
Betony:  41 West 57th Street (between Fifth and Sixth Avenue)


Chef Bryce Shuman having fun in the Beard House kitchen


The amazing Betony team


Foie Gras Bonbon with Black Pepper


Lobster Roll


Sunchoke Velouté with Hazelnuts and Granny Smith Apples 


Grain Salad with Labne and Sprouts 


Smoked Foie Gras with Kabocha Squash and Buckwheat 


Hen’s Egg with Black Trumpet Mushrooms and Ginger 


Poached Lobster with Chestnuts and Spices


Grilled Short Ribs with Romaine and Sweetbreads 


Toasted Rice with Meyer Lemon and Lavender

Three-Star New York: Chef Bryce Shuman at the James Beard House