Wurstkuche (Venice, CA)

Beer + Brat + Baby.  That’s what was written on the invitation to the baby shower that we attended this morning. Awesome. Two of our best friends (who are expecting their first little bundle of joy in about a month) hosted a kick ass baby shower at Wurstkuche in Venice, known for their exotic grilled sausages, imported Belgian & German beers, and gourmet sodas. While mingling with old and new friends, I got to sample a variety of tasty sausages, including the Bockwurst (veal and pork) and the Rattlesnake & Rabbit (yes, that says rattlesnake) — two of my favorites! Both were super moist and flavorful. In between beers, I I tried a cucumber flavored gourmet soda called “Mr. Q. Cumber”.  Love the name! For dessert, we munched on toasted apple pie ice cream sandwiches as we drew fun pictures for my bestie’s baby-to-be and washed them down with more beer. Best Baby Shower EVER!

Wurstkuche: 625 Lincoln Boulevard, Venice, CA


Reissdorf Kölsch Wheel


Bockwurst – veal, pork & spices


Inside the Bockwurst 


Rattlesnake & Rabbit with Jalapeño Peppers – buttery & mildly spicy


Inside the Rattlesnake & Rabbit 


Sun Dried Tomato & Mozzarella – smoked chicken & turkey 


Vegetarian Italian – fennel, garlic, red peppers & eggplant


Gourmet sodas


Love the name of this soda!


Toasted Apple Pie Ice Cream Sandwich – on oatmeal raisin cookies

Wurstkuche (Venice, CA)