Bottega Louie [lunch] (Los Angeles, CA)

Yes, this is our third lunch! What can I say — we’re making the most of our short time in Southern California. After stopping by the Kogi truck for some tasty tacos, we headed to downtown Los Angeles to check out Bottega Louie. The 45 minute cab ride helped us digest our previous two meals so that we could enjoy the prosciutto and burrata, raviolo with poached egg and ricotta, asparagus and poached egg, and sugar covered beignets. Everything was really good! I must say, I’m really impressed at the quality of the food for such a large restaurant with so much going on at once — there’s a market, cafe, and patisserie inside as well! We received the nicest gift before we left: a huge box of beautiful macarons! Thank you so much to the Bottega Louie owners for this special treat. Now it’s time to take a nap and build up our appetites again before dinner!

Bottega Louie: 700 South Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA


Prosciutto & Burrata, basil, extra virgin olive oil on a potato pancake 


Ravioli, poached egg, ricotta, sage & brown butter sauce 


Love that runny yolk


Asparagus & Poached Egg 


Light and airy Beignets with raspberry compote 


Macarons from the Bottega Louie bakery


Gorgeous, vibrant colors

Bottega Louie [lunch] (Los Angeles, CA)