Cayman Cookout: I Love New York with Daniel Humm (Cayman Islands)

The first Cayman Cookout event that I attended was one of the best and most memorable of the entire trip — Chef Daniel Humm’s I Love New York demo on the beach. The weather was cloudy and rainy, but that didn’t matter at all. Chef Humm captivated me with stories about growing up in Switzerland, his passion for New York and local ingredients, and, of course, his delicious food! We enjoyed spicy & refreshing yellow Bloody Marys and a savory warm bread salad, all made with fresh tomatoes from New Jersey. (Gotta love those Jersey tomatoes — they are pretty incredible!) :)  It was so much fun learning about the musical inspiration at Eleven Madison Park (Miles Davis) and at The NoMad (The Rolling Stones). How awesome is that! He told us that he and his team recently revamped the menu at EMP — I can’t wait to check it out! Chef Humm’s food is always exciting, innovative, beautiful, and absolutely delicious. A big thank you to Chef Daniel Humm and Chef Connie Chung for a wonderful demo!

Cayman Cookout hosted by Eric Ripert, January 16 – 19, 2014
The Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman


This amazing man needs no introduction!  A warm welcome for Chef Daniel Humm, Executive Chef & Co-Owner of Eleven Madison Park and The NoMad in New York City


Chef Connie Chung and Chef Daniel Humm blending up some delicious Bloody Marys 


Check out the beautiful yellow heirloom tomatoes in the mirror


Can’t wait to try it! 


Yellow Bloody Mary made with yellow heirloom tomatoes and garnished with dill, cherry tomatoes, and pickled vegetables


Loved listening to Chef Humm talk about growing up in Switzerland and his love of food


Now it’s time to whip up some warm bread salad 


Chef Humm talking about how much he enjoys Jersey tomatoes :) 


He has a real passion and appreciation for local ingredients 


Something smells really good right now!


Warm Bread Salad — so simple and delicious


What a fun demo!


Perfect pairing for the beach! Can I have seconds?

Cayman Cookout: I Love New York with Daniel Humm (Cayman Islands)