Burger & Barrel

‘Tis the season for celebrations and good cheer! I took the two developers who did a fantastic job creating my Gastronami website out to dinner as a thank you for all of their hard work. We  enjoyed a delicious meat-filled meal at Burger & Barrel — and when I say meat-filled, I really mean it. We feasted on bison sliders, meatballs with fresh ricotta, steak tartare, roasted prime rib tacos, and, of course, burgers! I went for the White Truffle Burger, which I’ve had twice before and absolutely love. It’s super decadent with creamy robiola cheese, white truffle aioli, and shaved white truffles piled on top of a thick beef patty. My dinner companions chose the Bash Style and Classic burgers — two great choices! I’m a big fan of the Bash Style burger. For dessert, we shared a salty peanut butter sundae and an awesome spiked milkshake with vanilla ice cream, bourbon, and caramel. I am so making that at home!

Burger & Barrel: 25 W. Houston Street (between Mercer and Greene)


BISON SLIDERS, smoked cheddar, bacon, special sauce 


MEATBALLS & TOMATO RAGÚ, fresh ricotta, grilled country bread


CLASSIC STEAK TARTARE, grilled country bread, dijon mustard


SOFT SHELL TACOS, roasted prime rib 


I love an ice cold bottle of Ommegang Witte


WHITE TRUFFLE BURGER (robiola cheese, white truffle aioli, shaved white truffles)


Inside the White Truffle Burger


BASH STYLE BURGER (onion & bacon jam, pickles, american cheese, special sauce)


CLASSIC BURGER (lettuce, tomato, pickles, american cheese, special sauce)


THE SPIKED SHAKE (Vanilla Ice Cream, Bourbon, Caramel Sauce)


SALTY PEANUT BUTTER SUNDAE (Brownie Pieces, Peanut Brittle, Vanilla & Chocolate Ice Cream & Whipped Cream)


The dining room

Burger & Barrel