Monument Lane [lunch]

Stopped in at Monument Lane for lunch with a co-worker. It’s rare that we have the time to step out for a real meal, so this was quite a treat for us. I chose the soup & half entree combo for $15 — a great deal for both the quality and quantity of food served. I had one of the best soups of my life: celery root with chives and country bread croutons. It was creamy, silky, smooth, and incredibly flavorful. I couldn’t get enough! That was followed by a hearty portion of the pork schnitzel with braised kale, carrots, and parsnip mash. The pork was crispy and delicious and perfectly complemented by the tasty vegetables. My lunch companion ordered the burger, which he thoroughly enjoyed. Lunch at Monument Lane rocks!

Monument Lane: 103 Greenwich Ave (between West 12th and Jane Street)


Celery root soup with chives and country bread croutons


Heritage Pork Schnitzel, braised kale, heirloom baby carrots, parsnip mash, and spiced vinegar


The dining room


The bar

Monument Lane [lunch]