Hill Country

I love fatty brisket. Especially when it’s from Texas. Well, whaddaya know, we’ve got authentic Central Texas style brisket right here in Manhattan! How I have waited this long to make my way over to Hill Country is beyond me. Thankfully, the wait has ended tonight. My meat twin and I happily engaged in a gluttonous (and glorious) barbecue fest, complete with fatty brisket, baby back ribs, pork belly, and a generous assortment of sides. I’m a fan of the format here: you go to the meat counter, order whatever your little heart desires, they wrap it in butcher paper, you sit down and go to town. As if this whole experience wasn’t awesome enough, we were double fisting Shiner bock (love that beer!) and Bulleit bourbon on the rocks. AND there was country music playing in the background. I think I’ve actually found heaven on earth!

Hill Country NY: 30 West 26th Street (between Broadway and Sixth Avenue)


Stepping up to the meat counter


Today’s Meat Specials: it’s my lucky day!


Wrapping up my meat in butcher paper


One pound of fatty brisket and a half pound of fatty pork belly. I’m in heaven.


Mmm, baby back ribs


Lots of tasty sides to sample


This dessert was described as “warm French Toast”


Chocolate chip cookie with Blue Bell vanilla ice cream


Double fisting Shiner Bock and Bulleit 


The dining room


The dining room

Hill Country