Knife Skills Class at Haven’s Kitchen

I have been wanting to improve my knife skills for a while so I decided to check out knife skills class at Haven’s Kitchen. It’s a pretty unique company that is comprised of a recreational cooking school, a cafe, and an event space. I really liked the kitchen where the class was held — it was spacious and beautiful. Our instructor, Ashton, was super friendly and informative. The class size was very small (there were only six people in this one) which I totally loved because it gave everyone a chance to be very hands-on. I got to practice butchering a whole chicken and learned proper knife skills for various veggies. The whole time we were enjoying lovely libations. :)  And at the end of the class, we had the opportunity to feast on the fruits of our labor: eggplant campanada, carrot ginger soup, one pan roast chicken, and an apple tart. Can’t wait to return for another class!

Haven’s Kitchen: 109 W 17th Street (between Sixth and Seventh Avenue)


Welcome to the Knife Skills Class!


The awesome kitchen where class was held


After class, we sat down to enjoy a four course meal


First course: Traditional Campanada with eggplant, tomato, and celery


Second course: Carrot Ginger Soup with Greek yogurt and curry oil


Third course: One pan Chicken Roast with butternut squash and apples


Fourth course (take home treat): Classic Apple Tart

Knife Skills Class at Haven’s Kitchen