Cool Chefs Cook: Chefs April Bloomfield and Anita Lo at the James Beard House

Chef April Bloomfield and Chef Anita Lo are true culinary masters! It was an extraordinary pleasure and privilege to attend their joint dinner at the James Beard House tonight. Both chefs are incredibly talented and have accomplished a great deal of culinary success. They are also good friends and fishing buddies, which we learned when they were chatting with the diners after dinner. How fun! The five course meal included some delicious seafood (bluefish, pollack, and fluke) and an unforgettable sea urchin custard and pork belly dish prepared by Chef Bloomfield. I’ve never had anything like it! The uni custard was luxurious and the pork belly practically melted in my mouth — it was so tender and fatty. A fairly large group of our friends attended this dinner, which allowed us to have an entire table to ourselves. Awesome. We thoroughly enjoyed the food and loved meeting Chef Bloomfield and Chef Lo afterward. They are both so amazing and inspiring!

James Beard House: 167 West 12th Street (between 6th and 7th Avenue)

Chef April Bloomfield
The Breslin: 16 West 29th Street (between Broadway and Fifth Avenue)

The John Dory Oyster Bar: 1196 Broadway (at West 29th Street)
The Spotted Pig: 314 West 11th Street (at Greenwich Street)

Chef Anita Lo
Annisa: 13 Barrow Street (between West 4th and Seventh Avenue South)


Fried Mussels with Overnight Tomatoes


Crispy Salmon Skin with Bonito Mayonnaise and Flying Fish Roe


Corn–Blue Crab Soup


Whipped Bottarga with Chile Salt on Hot Buttered Toasts


Cool Chefs Cook


Fluke Sashimi with Beets and Shiso


Uni Custard with Pork Belly and Daikon


The pork belly was so tender!


Roasted Pollack with Steamer Clams, Pistachios, and Potatoes


Bluefish with Spiced Ginger-Carrot Purée and Crispy Root Vegetables


Baked Alaska with Sour Cherries and Sassafras


Chef April Bloomfield and Chef Anita Lo chatting with the diners after our meal


Chef Anita Lo


Chef April Bloomfield

Cool Chefs Cook: Chefs April Bloomfield and Anita Lo at the James Beard House