BrisketTown (Brooklyn, NY)

It’s brisket time! So excited to chow down at BrisketTown in Brooklyn with two of my favorite fatty-meat-loving friends by my side. We are hungry and ready to feast on two glorious pounds of beefy goodness. We arrived super early to skip the line (when you pre-order, you don’t need to wait if you arrive between 6 – 6:30pm). The setup inside BrisketTown is simple:  you walk to the back, get your meat (and some sides), grab a few slices of white bread and homemade pickles off to the right, sit down, and get down to business. Even though I specifically requested extra fatty pieces, there were a few lean ones mixed in. Fortunately, I snagged on of the fattiest, juiciest slices ever — it must have been about 50% brisket, 50% fat. OH YEAH. That’s what I’m talking about. Delicious barbecue can only be washed down with an ice cold beer that is nestled inside an awesome beer koozie. Love that this one was inspired by Buffalo Bill from The Silence of the Lambs! Beef + Beer:  can I get any better than that? Why, yes it can, because I got to take that koozie home with me!

BrisketTown: 359 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY















BrisketTown (Brooklyn, NY)