2 West at The Ritz-Carlton Battery Park

One of my good friends is getting married in a few short weeks so we are celebrating with a classy bachelorette party at 2 West in The Ritz-Carlton Battery Park. Amidst several bottles of wine and lots of chatter and laughter, we enjoyed delicious appetizers and entrees. I was particularly enamored with my entree — spinach filled gnocchi with pine nuts and sun-dried tomatoes. It was fluffy, creamy, cheesy, and oh-so-comforting. After our main courses, the real fun began. Pastry Chef, Laurent Richard, prepared a gorgeous, decadent chocolate cake for the bride-to-be, along with tasty petits fours accompanied by an enormous chocolate warrior! Everyone was in chocolate heaven. And what’s a celebration without some Moet & Chandon to toast with? A big thanks to the team at 2 West for the delicious food and fantastic service. It was a wonderful night!

2 West at The Ritz-Carlton Battery Park: 2 West Street (between Battery Place and 1 Place)


Yellowtail Hamachi Crudo, Jalapeño Citrus Ponzu, Spring Radishes & Pea Shoots


Spinach Filled Gnocchi, Pine Nuts & Sundried Tomatoes


Inside the Spinach Filled Gnocchi. Yum!


Congrats to the bride-to-be!


Custom-made chocolate cake by Pastry Chef Laurent Richard


Delicious & decadent chocolate cake


Chocolate Warrior with Petits Fours


Beautiful Petits Fours

2 West at The Ritz-Carlton Battery Park