ABC Cocina [lunch]

Finally made it to ABC Cocina with two awesome co-workers! Since we rarely get to step out for a real meal during our lunch hour, we were eager to feast on some tasty dishes by Executive Chef Dan Kluger. I’m already a huge fan of ABC Kitchen, so I just knew that I would love Cocina as well.  We ordered a bunch of different things and shared it all, including the patatas bravas, sweet corn with queso de mano, field green empanadas, grilled Skuna Bay salmon salad, and the arroz con pollo with crackling skin. Every dish was bright, fresh, and delicious. My personal favorites were the field green empanadas (incredibly flavorful), grilled salmon salad (Skuna Bay salmon is the best and I loved the radish and avocado paired with it), and the arroz con pollo (anything with crispy chicken skin is a winner in my book). I thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience, from the food to the friendly service and the location of our table (we were seated right next to the window in a cute little alcove). Can’t wait to return for dinner!

ABC Cocina: 38 East 19th Street 


Patatas bravas, spicy-tangy sauce, rosemary aioli


Sweet corn with queso de mano cheese and lime


Field green empanadas and tomato jam


Field green empanadas and tomato jam


Grilled Skuna Bay salmon salad, soft lettuce, radish, avocado


Arroz con pollo, crackling skin, lemon zest


Beautiful crackling skin glistening in the afternoon sun


The dining room

ABC Cocina [lunch]